Tahaki Pro

Save time, money and efforts by centralizing and analyzing field projects, beneficiaries, services and resources data.

Explore tahaki Pro tools for project and data management

With tahaki Pro, CSOs can overcome performance barriers such as data clutter, program fragmentation, analytical delay and operational inefficiency. Our advanced tools let you save time, money and effort by centralizing and analyzing field, project, beneficiary and resource data. Right away, you will see patterns, make predictions, and optimize efforts that foster internal collaboration and motivation.

  • Create field projects
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • Manage programs and services and link them to beneficiaries
  • Allow field force to fill survey in real time or offline mode
  • Control access and edit privileges based on teams and users
  • Collect beneficiaries’ feedback
  • Increase awareness & collect anonymous feedback through a dedicated mobile app
  • Analyze project data through dashboards and get map-enabled reporting