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Animals Lebanon

Animals Lebanon works to improve the welfare of all animals nationwide. We love animals and believe they should be protected for their own sake, and we also recognize that improved animal welfare brings direct economic, social and health benefits, to families, communities and the country. Find out more at www.animalslebanon.org

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Animals Lebanon is working on identifying the below categories across Lebanon: • Pet Shop • Zoo • Circus • Veterinary Clinic • Breeding Facility • Medical Research • Animal Welfare Organization • Other
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Tahaki Team
28/Sep/2016 15:06

Dear Taha, Thank you for your comment, As for the speed this is the first time we get this comment, we will verify it, can you please make sure that it's not a connectivity issue from your side. As for the Add Location, we've tested it using different platforms and it's working normally. Can you please send us screenshots to [email protected], so we can identify the issue and resolve it. Thank you for your time reporting the problem.

Taha berjawi
27/Sep/2016 17:18

Map takes ages to load. Add location button not working

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