Story Maps

Expose the big picture view, where you can raise public awareness by visually narrating a social story

Story Maps

With tahaki Story Maps, you take your audience through a real life experience in an immersive visual narrative. Inspire your community with a journey, engage them in a tour, or educate them through a presentation. Only then, will your story be heard, its moral learned and impact felt.

  • Link a text narrative to a hot location
  • Enrich the same location with images and videos
  • Sequence locations in a timely interface
  • Generate an animated map with hot locations

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Nothing beats a good story. Tell yours with a map and spice it with images

July 25, 2016

مخيمات اللاجئين الأوروبيين في الشرق الأوسط في الحرب العالمية الثانية

Egypt,Palestinian Territories,Syria,Iran


25112 0
December 23, 2016

السيرة النبوية المباركة

Egypt,Iraq,Lebanon,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Yemen


16475 0
December 27, 2016

أفضل المدن العربية للإحتفال بليلة رأس السنة

Algeria,Bahrain,Djibouti,Egypt,Iraq,Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon,Libya,Mauritania,Morocco,Occupied Palestine,Oman,Palestinian Territories,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Somalia,South Sudan,Sudan,Syria,Tunisia,United Arab Emirates,Yemen,Iran


6996 0
August 26, 2016

يسرى مارديني تواجه الموت من أجل تحقيق الحلم


Children & Youth

1014 0
December 5, 2016

World Festival of Youth and Students Movement


Agriculture,Anthropology,Arts,Culture,Democracy,Economics,Education,Entrepreneurship,Environment,Gender issues,Health,Humanitarian,Politics,Society & Culture,Science & Technology,Travel,Children & Youth,Special Needs,Advocacy & Awareness,Citizenship,Communications,Human Rights,Peace & Security,Refugees,Sports & Recreation,Women,Drugs,Natural Resources & Energy

364 0
August 19, 2016

Syria Response


Employment,Children & Youth

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