Nahnoo (نحن)

Since: 2016/11/07 ` | NGO
Nahnoo is a nonsectarian and nonpartisan youth-lead organization that aspires to provide a platform for young Lebanese to engage in activities that promote self-development and self-expression and gain the skills necessary to contribute to their communities meaningfully and peacefully. Through discussion groups, social events, and workshops on topics such as advocacy, effective communication, conflict resolution, and dialogue management, Nahnoo engages a diverse group of Lebanese youth and acts a space for free expression and the exchange of ideas. More recently, Nahnoo has leveraged the organizing ability and its popularity among Lebanese youth to expand the advocacy component of their activities.

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December 5, 2016

التعديات الاملاك البحرية



November 7, 2016

التعديات على الأملاك البحرية العامة


Society & Culture,Advocacy & Awareness,Human Rights,Natural Resources & Energy

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